Risc Automação has been operating in the areas of electrical engineering, instrumentation and automation, in the sectors of machinery, food industry, beverage industry, steel, water and waste.

The specialties of the technical services developed are listed below:

Electric Power Distribution Panel

Modularization and the effective client participation in the customization of the equipment make Risc power distribution panels to be the best application for your industry.

With high finishing design, the power distribution panels from Risc are in the market to better meet the needs of industries.
Fully customized and upgraded, our panels are constructed from the effective customer participation, since the choice of manufacturers to the decision of the seal that the product will have and it can be PTTA (partially tested and approved), TTA (fully tested and approved) or not using the seals.

Human Machine Interface

Highly compact, the panels HMI Risc come to show that versatility and innovation go together.

Completely compact HMI’s can be used in any sector of industry, including the process lines. With a high strength touch screen, it provides the user with a graphical interface that facilitates the most of the interaction and handling the equipment. Moreover, it is developed with the degree of protection necessary to fit the corporate environment in order to not affect the lifetime of the product.

ISV Distribution Panel

Risc low voltage panel, has a high degree of protection and stability.

Essential components of electrical infrastructure, the ISV distribution panels are a great solution for low-voltage supply, for those looking for safety and practicality. Its structure is all designed in modular systems designed to be more flexible and efficient, besides generating faster installation. Each opening module ensures the operator more safety, and may thus prevent accidental risks.

Motor Control Center

The high current-carrying capacity, articulation of cabinets, ease of installation is what makes Risc CCM innovative, flexible and practical, ideal features for those who want a high performance.

Risc Motor Control Center is modularized and it has a high finishing design, which provides greater versatility and facility at the installation time. It can reach a maximum current short-circuit Soka and a maximum rated current of 5000 A, and it may be inserted into any industrial environment. The overall cabinet breaker can be dimensioned according to its capacity of short and to the customer´s preference; furthermore, CCM consists of three different chains of outlets and adequate ventilation service, which is calculated to fulfill the power dissipation of the equipment inside the cabinet.
It also has bundles for padlocks and their forms of assembling: 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A and 4B. The client even acts in the decision of seal that the product will have and it can be PTTA (partially tested and approved), TTA (fully tested and approved) or not using the seals.

Network Rack

Have your organized and automated network, with high-tech from Risc Automation, through the Network Racks 44u.

The Network Racks are concentralizing network equipment, which among other features have switches, rab, UPS, battery module, routers, patch panel or equipment that best fits the specifications of that particular situation.

The 44u Risc network racks have front drawers that are easy installations and highly resistance because they support internal vibrations.

They allow in their cabling distribution panels installations in copper or optical fiber, according to the design specifications.

Programmable Logic Controller

High capacity analysis and operation, the PLC Risc panels are a great choice for the control of your process.

In the assembly our panels we use modular cabinets from sheet steel, a reinforced structure that ensures greater resistance to machine, and also taking as an optional toughened glass door, thus ensuring a high finish design.

The panels count on points of I / O sensors and actuators being qualified and inserted according to the needs of the industry. And we use the best equipment from manufacturers in the market to maintain quality and high performance.


Risc remotes are examples of resistance and high-finishing design, set that makes it your best choice.

Risc remote panel can be constructed with stainless steel case, having 54 degree of protection or with a carbon steel box, using a door in polycarbonate display. The points I/O are distributed according to the need of the area of the industry, and the digital outputs can drain the maximum 6A in category AC3 and the digital inputs can be easily changed to 2 or 4 wire sensors. Moreover, it has easy access to cables that facilitates the handling equipment, keeping intact shell design.

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