Risc Automação

About us

Risk Automation Ltd. is an integrator of control and automation systems, specializing in software and hardware for industries.

Its commitment is to guarantee its customers greater productivity and quality through integrated control, supervision and management systems for their industrial processes. Applying the most modern engineering and technology techniques.

It is dedicated to technical activities, comprising:

Conducting system design studies

Assembling automation panels and CCM's

Electromechanical Assemblies

Implementation of automation systems

Preparation of pre-projects, basic and executive projects


To carry out these activities, Risc Automação has an experienced team of specialized professionals committed to excellence in the execution of all projects.
The work carried out in the company has consolidated an organizational structure and a competent professional team, which allows the successful development of all activities involved in any projects related to the areas of its competence.

Mission, Vision and Values


Offer the best solution to our customers in the industrial automation, seeking to overcome their expectations and loyalty through quality.


Be the best integration company in the beverage, food and environment sector at the global level.


We support values that are essential to the development in a team, such as innovation, respect, honesty, quality and commitment.


With privileged location in one of the most important technological centers of the country, the Electronic Valley, in Santa Rita do Sapucai, Risc has an easy access to highly skilled professionals, top quality partners, besides of the easy logistics due to be near the main highways of the country.

With emphasis on innovation and continuous quality – whether in products, services and operation – Risc conquered credibility and great penetration in the national market.

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