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Profibus technology: The Benefits of Industrial Networks in the Sugarcane Industry in Brazil

The sugarcane industry in Brazil has been standing out as bioenergy plants, producing through sugarcane Ethanol, being the world's second largest producer with 26.52 billion liters, sugar with 37.76 million tons, being the world's largest exporter and installed capacity of 9,339 MW of electricity generation with burning of sugarcane bagasse after juice extraction, with annual sales in the industry sector of 43.36 billion dollars.

Industry 4.0: A View of Industrial Automation

Weather forecast is for rain in two days, the government needs to expand ethanol inventories by 10% by the end of the harvest, the value of sugar has 3% rise prediction by the end of the harvest, the supplier of inputs does not have enough stock for the production at the peak, two valves and two critical frequency inverters for plant availability are planned for maintenance a week from now ... imagine all these data, communicating online, in a single database of ethanol production plant and sugar in the sugarcane plant, we have a scenario where we have to make decisions.

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